Dad E-mail

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Vývojář: Wuonm

Speed e-mail button to send messages to your "Dad". It is easy to configure in a few seconds and youll forget about using favorites or any other contact list.

** LOOKING for other icons? WANT to text or phone, not just mail "Dad"?
** With Call Series, youre not limited to "Dad" mail.
** SEARCH by "wuonm" in your iPhone App Store, or follow the "all aplications by wuonm" link in your iTunes.

You can configure the speed mail button in two ways:
1. Enter the e-mail address
2. Choose from contacts

Thats all.

Once you have typed or choosed an e-mail, press the home button and start using "Dad" inmediately.

To change the configured e-mail, look for "Dad" in system Settings. There, you can edit the e-mail directly or activate the switch to reset the configuration. Youll be able to choose a different contact in the next application run.

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